Saturday, May 19, 2007

Impellitteri news update

Chris Impellitteri has just posted the following on his official fansite

Hello Friends,

The new IMPELLITTERI recording titled "Good and Evil" is proceeding nicely. We are recording at the Village Recorders in Los Angeles. Also, their is a BIG SURPRISE as to who is singing in the band!! Beware!!
We are recording 13 fast riff crazy tunes with all of the Impellitteri signature shredding guitar solos, screaming vocals, pounding drums, brutal bass, with a lot of melody thrown in. And we are actually working with a co-producer, who is giving us some new and welcome input!! SHRED ON!!!

Chris is featured in the June issue ( on news stands now!!) of Guitar One Magazine with Rush on the cover. It is officially the magazines last issue, so thanks Guitar One for including Impellitteri. They have some solo ideas based on the Play With Fire riff, which actually should be based on the Black Impellitteri EP not Stand in Line. The EP has the better version!!

You can check out the solo to Play with Fire on the audio section of this web page. It was one of those crazy solos that started it all. Every shredder seems to have that IMPELLITTERI Black EP which was one of the most enjoyable discs we made because we were so poor and we just played live with virtually all room mics. Crude, rude, and taking it too the limit with everything.

Anyways, the new disc is going to sound huge and it will shock you from start to finish.

We also posted some free songs on the audio section for anyone to ripp. So, please enjoy!!

In addition we posted the bootleg footage of Impellitteri's infamous "Screaming Symphony-Instrumental" and "Space Jazz Bulldozer" live videos for all of you youtube fanatics. The bootlegs where actually recorded by some audience member at a convention we were playing as a favor to JBL It is funny how many people watch that thing, it is becoming a cult classic.

-Chris Impellitteri

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