Monday, May 07, 2007

Masi - Eternal Struggle review


‘Eternal Struggle’ released by Masi (led by guitar whiz Alex Masi) is one neo-classical album all readers of Baroque & Roll owe it to themselves to own. Released back in 2001, ‘Eternal Struggle’ stands up as well now as it did back at the time of its original release. Home to a sound that is commercial yet heavy; its sure to appeal to all fans of the classic Rising Force output.

Alex Masi shows off his guitar wares with equal aplomb whether it be on electric or nylon acoustic with a technique that is full of speedy arpeggios, chromatic and dissonant licks and a wailing vibrato. Simply said if you enjoy energised lead guitar and pounding riffs then ‘Eternal Struggle’ is an essential purchase. Also featured is a cover of the Foreigner classic ‘Blue Morning, Blue Day’ to which Masi adds a tonne of TNT with explosive results. Highlights come in the form of practically every song from the opening gambit onslaught of ‘Crow Haven’s Corner’ and ‘All I Want’ to the more melodic yet dark waters of ‘Wheels Roll On’ and ‘Black Flames Allure’ whilst the more commercial tracks such as ‘Lost In The City’ and ‘On & On’ hark back to the glory days of Yngwie’s ‘Odyssey’. album. The tender ‘Writing On The Wall’ is simpy beautiful showcasing Masi’s acoustic technique with nice orchestration here for added texture not to mention a great vocal from Kyle Michaels.

‘Eternal Struggle’ is one of the best neo-classical albums released so far in the 21st century and whilst Masi seems more content to play in fusion waters this will be an everlasting tribute to his skills as a neo-classical writer and performer.
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