Friday, June 08, 2007

Roger Staffelbach/Angel Of Eden update


Roger Staffelbach's official website has had a makeover with new content and looks superb! Roger has also just been confirmed as a Dean Guitars endorsee.

One great album to look out for out soon, Roger has just issued the following information on his website.

We are right now in the final stages of mixing of the Record, and it's gonna be great. There was a slight Change in the Line Up so from now on Mistheria is the man on the keyboards. All i can say that he is a real maestro, i'm sure you're gonna love it! We all get along very well so i'm really looking forward to what's coming next here. A new homepage for Angel of Eden will be up , details to be announced here soon. Anyway i will keep you posted on everything.

I also would like to announce the guests on the record:

John West (Artension/Solo/ex Royal Hunt)
David Shankle (DSG / ex-Manowar)
Ferdy Doernberg (Uli Roth / Axel Rudi Pell)

Thank you all for your outstanding performances!

The main core of the band on the forthcoming album as previously reported is:

Vocals: Carsten Schulz
Guitars: Roger Staffelbach
Keyboards: Mistheria
Bass: Steve Di Giorgio
Drums: Rami Ali

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