Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Space Odyssey album details

Keyboard whiz Richard Andersson (Time Requiem / Majestic) has posted details of the new Space Odyssey record at his official website Andersson is superb keyboard player in the Malmsteen mold whilst the band features neo-classical guitarist Magnus Nilsson.

"In beginning of May I decided to start work on third Space Odyssey record and this time with Magnus and me composing the songs. So we did. I’ve had a lot of fun together with Magnus creating the 10 tracks in just one month. We both decided to do it simple and plain and with no progressive elements. This time the songs are very far from what I have done before. Now you can actually separate my two bands Time Requiem and Space Odyssey in many different ways. Since Patrik Johansson (Astral Doors) was busy with his own band at the same time as I wanted the vocals immediately I simply found a new but brilliant singer David Fremberg from the Swedish band Andromeda. He was invited to do the songs and it took two days to put down the vocal tracks. Excellent man! If you are into Tony Martin, David Coverdale kind of a singer you will love this one. He sounds awesome!!!Everything’s moving fast and the release date for Japan is set for 2006 November 21. Rest of world around that time. I’m still working on that".

Space Odyssey 2006:
Richard Andersson – Keyboards, hammond, backing vocals
David Fremberg – Vocals
Jörg Andrews – Drums
Magnus Nilsson – Guitars & Bass

1. The Bohemian Werewolf (soundclip)
2. Obsession (soundclip)
3. Miracles in Daylight (soundclip)
4. Killing the Myth (soundclip)
5. Dark Wings of Universe (soundclip)
6. The Awakening (soundclip)
7. Tears of the Sun (soundclip)
8. The Northern Silence (soundclip)
9. Bloodspill (soundclip)
10. Jailbreaker (Japan bonus track)

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