Saturday, October 14, 2006

Archive - Katsu Ohta (Ark Storm) profile

Ark Storm are one of neo-classical metals brightest newcomers of the last couple of years. Led by the Japanese virtuoso guitarist Katsu Ohta the band pedal the type of neo-classical metal heard on the early Rising Force records but with enough originiality to make themselves a valid commodity in their own right.

The band's debut No Boundaries was an innocent slice of neo-classical guitar madness, which if a little unoriginal in places had enough energy and sting in Ohta's guitars that any rough edges were soon forgotten. The album featured the vocals of Hirosaki Imanishi who quit shortly after its release due to hearing problems.

Beginning Of The New Legend saw original Saber Tiger singer Yasou Sasai joins the band and his talent paid dividends with much improved English and a more powerful delivery; this in turn saw the band start to hone their own sound and also new members in the guise of ex Concerto Moon drummer Ichiro Nogai whose powerhouse attack helped beef up the rhythm section along with addition of new bassist .

The bands third album 2005's The Everlasting Wheel saw a more streamlined approach in the song writing department with a slightly slower tempo on many of the tunes. Katsu guitar is perhaps even more impressive due to slightly more complex chordal arrangements and his tone is also the best yet making this an overall explosive album.

Katsu and Ark Storm are now starting to build a reputation outside of Japan, despite only having 1album (Beginning Of The New Legend) available outside Japan, the bands albums are available at Guitar 9. Be sure to check out this exciting new act.

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