Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Underground Artist - Anthony Bracaglia (5th July 2006)

Anthony Bracaglia was born in 1971 in Queens, New York and began to play guitar at age 13 but didn’t take much interest until he heard a young Yngwie Malmsteen in Steeler. The new sound he heard was something that really took a hold of him. At around the same time he discovered Shrapnel Records and found many great players such as Vinnie Moore and Paul Gilbert who were further sources of inspiration. The following years saw Anthony practising to achieve the levels of guitar player of his mentors.

In recent years Bracaglia played with a short lived band ‘Pounding Mound’ and working with Barry Alpert on his ‘Faith In Chaos’ projects. Early 2005 saw Anthony starting to write his own material and recorded some material for his own demo ‘Time Will Tell’ which is hoped to be completed very soon.

Bracaglia’s website is home to some excellent neo-classical instrumentals as well as a mouth watering collection of amps and guitars - one to watch!

Check out Anthony now at his official website and myspace page.


Laurie Monk said...

Keep up the great work cover thes players!!

baroque_roll said...

Thanks Laurie, we hope to be able to keep on finding the hottest new neo-classical talent.

baroque_roll said...
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Anonymous said...
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Dave S. said...
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