Saturday, July 01, 2006

Neo-Classical News 1st July 2006

Back after a hectic June during which time I got married and plenty of good things coming your way including an interview with James Byrd, reviews of the Joe Stump instructional DVD's and much more! In the meantime here is the latest neo-classical news happenings.

Happy Birthday Yngwie

Yngwie turned 43 on June 30th, Baroque & Roll send our congratulations and best wishes for another neo-classical filled year.

George Bellas opens new webstore

Looking for some of the leading instructional tools, software and more? Then be sure to check out the new George Bellas webstore for a variety of goodies. To enter click

Jose Del Rio - Chilean guitar master to unleash debut release

Jose Del Rio is an exciting guitarist hailing from Chile who is set to release his debut album entitled 'Journey Into The Fourth Dimension' on Lion Music on July 21st. The album includes guest keyboard performances from Vitalij Kuprij [Artension / Ring Of Fire] is features rich orchestration along with frightening speed, including a cover of 'Flight Of The Bumblebee' recorded at 300 bpm! For more info check

Marco Ferrigno ready to release 'Hanging Gardens'
Also on Lion Music is the forthcoming release in August of another neo-classical tinted release, Marco Ferrigno - Hanging Gardens. Readers may be familiar with the Ferrigno name from the Ferrigno, Leal, Kuprij album released on Lion a few years back. More information on this release to follow next month but we can announce that George Bellas guests on the album as well as bass parts being handled by virtuoso Tony Franklin (Blue Murder / Liquid Tension Experiment).

Vitalij Kuprij's Revenge set to Rock Mexico City with Joe Stump's Reign Of Terror
Vitalij's REVENGE will be the main band for the Expo Rock Festival in Mexico City on August 17th, support comes from Joe Stump's Reign Of Terror and Ron Thals Bumblefoot.

Joe Stump begins work on new solo album and instructional DVD

In addition to the Holy Hell disc which Joe has spent the last 2 months recording for, he's also got a new solo record in the pipes, with all of the material composed. Joe is preparing to start work on that after the guitars are finished with Holy Hell.
Another new instructional DVD, Neo-Classical Guitar 3 is also done. This DVD focuses on Baroque style classical pedal point and linear playing. As with the previous DVD, it contains quite a bit of instructional content, performance footage, and yes, plenty of gratuitous shredding. It should be released by the Shred Academy soon, look out for Baroque & Roll's review of Joe's currently available DVD's very soon.

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