Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Neo-Classical News

Neo-Classical News

James Byrd
James Byrd has just launched his new MySpace site at, here you can check out 3 tracks including a cover of the Frank Marino classic "The World Anthem" which is a stunning performance from Byrd []

Byrd is busy working with his guitar company Byrd Guitars at present but is now working on new material and the direction he wishes to take his next project.

Be sure to check out Byrd Guitars at

Joe Stump
Joe is currently in the studio tracking guitars for the forthcoming Holy Hell cd (see our Tom Hess interview), Joe also has a new solo album in the pipes with all the material composed, recording should commence after the Holy Hell tracks are done.

Joe has also recorded another new instructional DVD, "Neo-Classical Guitar 3". This DVD focuses on Baroque style classical pedal point and linear playing. As with the previous DVD, it contains quite a bit of instructional content, performance footage, and yes, plenty of gratuitous shredding. It should be released by the Shred Academy in June sometime.

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