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Neo-Classical Charts (month of April 06)

Neo Classical Album Charts - April 2006
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Hideaki Nakama

Point Of No Return
Hideaki Nakama, a neo-classical and metal guitarist who gained fame with the hard rock band Hurry Scuary released a mostly instrumental showcase album in 1989 called Point Of No Return. The CD features seven instrumental tracks, along with two vocal numbers sung by bassist Norio Sakai.

Matthew Mills
Neo Classical Rock Guitar

Fire up the arpeggiation cannons, and launch the shred torpedos - guitarist Matthew Mills is back with a musical version of 'shock and awe' entitled NeoClassical Rock Guitar. Joe Stump, a big influence on Mills, guest solos on the album's closing track "Shattered Horizons".

Michael Romeo
The Dark Chapter
Romeo is an incredibly accomplished player drawing on a neo-classical style reminiscent of Yngwie Malmsteen while retaining his own identifiable signature that sets him apart from other players in this genre. He has received major coverage in many of the guitar magazines around the world and is best known for his role as lead guitarist in Symphony X.

Timo Tolkki
Classical Variations & Themes

Classical Variations And Themes is the re-release of Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki's 1994, neo-classically flavored, melodic metal solo outing. An 11 track collection (9 instrumental, 2 vocal) of classical variations and themes, it includes Tolkki's interpretation of Tchaikovsky's "Death Of A Swan", as well as Rodrigo's "Concierto De Aranjuez" ("Guitar Concerto") and the traditional tune "Greensleeves". Tolkki provides the vocals on a pair of vocal tracks, and interestingly, decided to give up the vocal chair in Stratovarius shortly after - in order to concentrate on guitar.

Opus 2

The music of Opus 2 is rich in musical depth, progressive key changes and rhythms, orchestration, great passions of emotion, and of course, extreme double virtuoso guitar work. You have heard progressive bands, instrumental shred guitar masters, neoclassical virtuosos, cool film music and very dramatically expressive music before, but the only place you are likely to hear all of this in one CD is Opus 2.
[Be sure to check our Baroque & Roll's interview with Tom Hess now].

Nick Andrew


UK guitarist Nick Andrews first Solo? album is a totally unique musical experience that has brought together his love of classical, jazz and rock music. With a very off-the-wall virtuoso panache and sense of humour everything, from the delights of a dynamic chamber orchestra, to full on rock drums to insane jazz piano, is played on guitar and guitar synth.
[Baroque & Roll comment - not strictly neo-classical metal this one].

Vinnie Moore
Defying Gravity

Vinnie Moore's Defying Gravity is a stunning instrumental barrage of outstanding musicianship and is rooted deeply in the progressive neo-classical style that generated a legion of loyal fans.
[Baroque & Roll comment - for purer neo-classical from Vinnie checkout Mind's Eye]

Yngwie J Malmsteen
The Genesis

A collection of 6 demos recorded in 1980 and essential listening to anyone interested in Yngwie's roots. The sound is of demo quality but a great release. Also includes some spoken word from Yngwie and a recently recorded cover of Hendrix's Voodoo Chile.

Borislav Mitic

Fantasy is guitarist Borislav Mitic's 1996 Yugoslavian release which eventually led to his signing with Shrapnel Records. Featuring original compositions and works by Paganini, Handel and Bach, the CD is a neo-classical shredfest in every sense of the word.

[Baroque & Roll comment: A good release but try and hunt down the self-titled release on Shrapnel Records, sadly long out of print]

Bob Katsionis
Imaginery Force

An instrumental virtuoso progressive/neoclassical/metal album with amazing keyboards and guitars, entitled Imaginary Force. Katsionis is the number one keyboard player on the Greek metal scene and is constantly touring and recording with various acts, such as Firewind. Fellow Greek neo-classical shredder Theodore Ziras also contributed one magnificent guitar solo each.
[Baroque & Roll comments - More prog metal but their are neo-classical touches scattered throughout].

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