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February 2009

Joe Stump is one of the most intense and over the top guitarists on the planet. His maniacal guitar driven releases are amazing displays of power and jaw dropping technical command. He was named by Guitar One Magazine as one of the ten fastest shredders of all time and by Guitarist as one of the top 20 shredders of all time. The American guitar hero returns with his most diverse and complete solo effort to date with “Virtuostic Vendetta”. Not only a killer shred record but also a great all around guitar driven release, blending neo-classical speed metal, European influenced shred and old school hard rock into a great combination of playing and tracks that will appeal to a wide range of guitar enthusiasts and metal fans worldwide . Great melodies, killer riffs and from the heart emotionally drenched playing are combined with all the insane shredding you’d expect making this the most exciting record of Joe’s career. Proclaimed by many music experts as the ultimate guitar monster you’ll hear why words like Godlike, shred master, brilliant and many more have been used to describe the Shredlord’s unparalleled playing style.

More details on the album coming very soon.

January 2009


February 25th 2009 sees the Japanese release of the new Impellitteri album "Wicked Maiden". The new album marks the return of Rob Rock on vocals. The official press release reads...

Wicked Maiden re-unites Impellitteri with long time lead vocalist and writing collaborator Rob Rock. The lead guitarist and vocalist have created 5 great metal records to date. Impellitteri have built a strong fan base throughout the world selling over 1 million records; “Not bad for a band that is virtually ignored by the mainstream”. The group has released numerous records, performed amazing live shows, and worked with some of the greatest producers and industry people in metal.

Chris Impellitteri is heralded as one of the world’s greatest guitar shredders. He has won the Best Rock Guitarist Award for his guitar soloing. He has been branded one of the fastest guitarist’s in the world, (Officially voted 2nd fastest guitarist in the world by “Guitar One” magazine; and “Guitar World” magazine recently listed Chris Impellitteri within their top 50 fastest guitarists of all time). In addition to the fast crazy guitar soloing, Chris Impellitteri places a strong emphasis on melody, harmony, and creating catchy inspiring guitar riffs. He is a well rounded musician who enjoys playing all styles of music, from metal to classical.

Rob Rock is one of the most exciting and energetic singers in heavy metal. Rock can sing virtually any style of music. His vocal range has often been compared to legendary metal singers Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), and Rob Halford (Judas Priest). Rob Rock possesses a unique ability to scream in the stratosphere, all the while singing in a very melodic overtone. His Vibrato and use of Harmonies has created a signature vocal style. Lastly, Rock has an innate ability to write lyrics that have depth and meaning. He is definitely an original lyricist.

Bassist James Pulli is known for his Driving Bass lines reminiscent of Black Sabbaths Geezer Butler. He creates a strong foundation for the band with his signature style. His bass is deep, punchy, and supports the crazy guitar lines and drumming insanity of Impellitteri. In fact, it is Pulli’s Bass line’s that hold the rhythm section together.

Brandon Wild is one of the heaviest, fastest, and exciting drummers living in a pro tools generation. His hard hitting antics coupled with the ability to groove allow Impellitteri to convey feeling within their metal madness. Brandon hits hard, has machine like feet, and keeps the band in time like a computer generated metronome.

The new Record: “Wicked Maiden” Wicked Maiden is Impellitteri’s metal masterpiece. The band challenged the boundaries of conventional metal by utilizing music theory, technique, innovation, technology, and creative story telling. The result is an intense guitar driven metal album that will satisfy the appetite of any true metal fan. Wicked Maiden features memorable guitar riffs, fast shredding guitar solos, amazing screaming vocals, exciting lyrical content, and a mean heavy rhythm section.

The Record took 3 years to complete from the writing stage through the mixing and mastering stage. Engineer and co-producer Greg Reely worked tirelessly to create a sonic freight train.

The record was recorded at the following recording studios:
Village Recorders in Santa Monica CA;
Impellitteri Studios in Thousand Oaks CA;
Redroom Audio in Orlando Florida,
Mixed at the Green Jacket in Vancouver Canada.

The record was mastered by legendary engineer George Marino in New York City.

Impellitteri welcome all new fans and friends to their first official MySpace Page !!

December 2008

The last few months have seen no action from Baroque & Roll, the reason? I have been too busy in my private life to give it the attention it really deserves, plus to be honest not a great deal has actually happened except...

What should have been the years highlight has turned out to be one of the year's biggest disappointments for me. The main problem? A lack of killer material, too much rehashing of old stuff and most of all Tim Owen's on vocals. To these ears Owens isn't the man for the Malmsteen sound that many fans hold dear to their hearts. The mix is also not as strong as it could be and ultimately the album has very little staying power. A let down.

Known for his work in Silent Force, German guitarist Alex Beyrodt has a smoking new band in Voodoo Circle, set firmly in the classic Rising Force / Rainbow mold, this is the type of album Yngwie should be releasing - first and foremost GREAT songs, great melodies, nice variation and excellent guitar work. Check it out.

The Japanese neo-classicalists saw their new album released, unfortunately its somewhat of a mixed bag and doesn't build upon the excellent work on their previous album "After The Double Cross". Good guitar work as ever from Norifumi Shima, but the songs aren't as good as before.

The early pioneer of the neo-classical style delivered an album of great guitar work, but uneasy vocal lines (despite the prostigious talents of Mark Boals and Liv Vandall singing)... but then do we really buy Uli album's for the vocals?

Well early on we get the new album from Impellitteri which should hopefully be killer given the wait for it. George Bellas is releasing a progressive (with a little neo-classical in) epic entitled "Step Into The Future" in January on Lion Music, the album is actually 1 track clocking in a whopping 76 minutes! The new Joe Stump album "Virtuostic Vendetta" should see release in the first quarter of 2009 (again on Lion Music), having been given an early hearing I can tell you folks this is arguably Joe's best work to date. Time Requiem mainman and keyboard whiz Richard Andersson may well return in 2009 with a new album, having taken some time out to help his son launch his own music career we hope that we do get some new music from the mainman soon. Ark Storm may well serve up another slice of first class Japanese neo-cassical metal despite numerous tour dates in Japan, no word is in if work has begun on album number 4.

May 2008


Chris Impellitteri has just posted the following at his official website.
Hello Friends,

First, I want to thank Guitar World magazine for including Impellitteri in their 50 Fastest Guitarist of All Time article. That was really nice of them to include me. I am definitely guilty of playing hyper-speed all too often.

However, many people tell me I am the guitarist who probably started the craze of hyper-speed shred with the Impellitteri Black EP-- (oops-- HA! ) SHRED ON !!

Now on to our new record titled "Good and Evil". The new music is being mixed in Vancouver with Greg Reely (Devil Driver, Fear Factory, etc..) . I can say that this is by far the most amazing recording I have been involved with. It is filled with amazing riffs, fast shredding solos, screaming vocals, and of course a brutal rhythm section.

The goal of this record was to make a historic album that will rival Van Halen 1, Ozzy's Blizzard of OZ, Pantera - Cowboys from Hell, Yngwie's Rising force, Metallica's Master of puppets, and even new artists like Children of Bodom and Avenged Sevenfold. And so, Impellitteri "Good and Evil" is my attempt to rival the best. Hopefully, we have done our job well !! It was not easy.

And now for all of the patient fans --- ROB ROCK is officially back in the band.

Rob Rock is officially back in the band!! The king of scream and melody is once again fronting Impellitteri.

Our fans have eagerly anticipated Rocks return since he left to pursue a solo career in 2000, so to their delight we are officially announcing the return of Rock. I am personally excited at Rob's contribution on this record, he is singing like a madman, filled with rage and beautiful melody. It should please all of the metal heads around the globe.

Oh, and Impellitteri will be creating their first official My Space Page shortly.


Chris Impellitteri


At the forefront of technology and an innovative force in today's Shred Guitar Scene, Dean Cascione presents his debut instrumental album Guitar Chop Shop. Dean is an American Guitarist who has studied under 6th top shredder in the world (Voted by: Guitar One Magazine) Joe Stump; and collaborated with world renowned Guitar Virtuoso George Bellas on the cd. Dean is also an Instructor at Shred Academy and Randy Ciak's High-Tech Guitar Site where he reaches out and mentors aspiring guitarist throughout the globe.

In Guitar Chop Shop, Dean digs deep into the neo-scallops and mixes melodic hooks with killer fret board assault that even the most demanding shred enthusiasts will enjoy. From fierce pedal tones to multi-note sweep arpeggios, Guitar Chop Shop is packed with plenty of new shred that’s not overcooked. In writing all the songs for Guitar Chop Shop, the main idea was to write Neoclassical genre songs that incorporate a balanced mix of shred and cool melodic hooks that can be taken away with you.

Joe Stump has described Deans abilities as: "Dean is quite a talented individual & quite an accomplished player and composer as well. He has a real nice command over the instrument and mixes his killing technique with a great musical sense and wonderfully crafted guitar tones!!".

Dean Cascione composed every guitar piece one note at a time and performed all of the guitar passages. His tone has been described as organic sounding and natural. Dean recruited drummer extraordinaire Guillaume Sylvain to perform all the drum parts. Guillaume's pounding performance's are nothing short of amazing and Dean believes his approach gives GCS a hard edge. Jay Menard and Randy Ciak wrote & performed all the orchestration which truly enhances the guitar passages keeping the listener focused on the revolving melodies .Tenor, Gabriel Langelier (Of Canadian Powermetal Band Icewind) collaborated with Dean and is featured on the bonus track Brother which showcases Gab's, evil yet soaring angelic voice. It was Gabs voice which granted "Brother" life. George Bellas has described the music of Guitar Chop Shop as "Very enjoyable to listen to , The song Sunrazor spoke to my soul". Out of the gate, Guitar Chop Shop is packed with plenty of new shred that's not overcooked.

The concept and inspiration behind Guitar Chop Shop was to create technical songs, neoclassical in nature that contained simple melodies, in which each tune could capture and appeal to a wider audience. Expect Dean's influences to be heard, as well as new melodic technical fret board prowess to emerge.

01. Alba
02. Molto Veloce
03. Sunrazor
04. Guitar Chop Shop
05. Brother
06. The Monk
07. Driven
08. Farewell
09. Brother Feat Gabriel Langelier

Running Time 27:46

Dean Cascione : All Guitars
Guillaume Sylvain: Drums
Jay Menard|Randy Ciak: Orchestration
Gabriel Langelier: Vocals

Composition: Dean Cascione
Production: Dean Cascione & Jay Menard
Mixed | Master: George Bellas & Jay Menard
Artwork | Design by Dean Cascione & Weiye Yin
Drums & Keys Recorded at Pilgrim Studios (Canada)
Guitars Recorded at Dead Horse Hill Studios (USA)
Mastered at George Bellas Studios (USA)
Published by Dean Cascione 2008


February 2008

New Interview with Michael Troy
Baroque & Roll caught up with Yngwie's newest keyboardist for an indepth conversation, check it out here.

January 2007

George Bellas new solo album "Planetary Alignment" released 15th February on Lion Music

One of the most prolific and innovative composers of our time, world renowned Guitarist and Composer George Bellas presents his latest instrumental album "Planetary Alignment". This album is so uniquely crafted that most listeners will find many composition elements they have never heard before. The style of the album is extremely modern and very progressive, it does not contain any neoclassical songs that George Bellas is also reputable for, but the album stays completely within the progressive realm.

As usually the case on George Bellas releases, George composed everything one note at a time and performed all of the instruments, plus had Drummer extraordinaire Marco Minneman perform the drum parts. Marco's drum performance's are nothing short of awe inspiring. The time signatures and rhythms contained on the album are extremely complex which Marco brought to life with his organic and immaculate drumming style. Leading guitar virtuoso George Bellas is back with his most modernly progressive solo album to date - expect the unexpected.

The concept and inspiration behind Planetary Alignment was the science of astrophysics. Each song was based on a particular subject ranging from the smallest matter known to man, to the largest and distant most objects in the universe. The goal was to compose ultra-modern music using scales, chords and rhythms not heard too often in music. The main interval the songs are all based on is the Tritone, with the root tone as middle C. It is quite a mystery where inspiration comes from when one is creating music, and it seems to only all come together when one is well practiced, emotions are stirring and the planets are aligned.

CHORDS - Bitonal, Tritonal, Quartal, Quintal, Secondal, Pyramid Chord, Scriabin's Mystic Chord, Vienesse Trichords, Mother Chord, Grandmother Chord, Split Note Chords, Chord of the Minor23rd and more.
RHYTHM - Odd Meters, Polyrhythms, Polymeters, Pyramid Rhythms, Fibonacci Number Series Meters, Contracting and Expanding Meters and more.
SCALES - Numerous (no name) scales from Nicolas Slominski's Thesaurus, Scale of A. Therepin, Verdi's Enigmatic, Wholetone, HalfWhole, Pentatonics, Melodic Minor Modes, Harmonic Major and many more.

Planetary Alignment was initiated using only rhythmic motives, and then later on scale choices were determined while composing the melodic and harmonic content. Most of the musical elements appearing on this album have never been used on previous George Bellas albums and offer a very fresh, ultra-modern sound.

Most all of the compositions revolve around a Middle C root while employing various tritone based elements. The production on the album was kept dry and natural sounding, with effects used quite sparingly.
Expect the unexpected and enjoy listening to what may be the most progressive release by George Bellas.


Color By Numbers
This song was the start of creating numerous rhythmic motives and then adding notes (color) to the motives. This method was then used for the entire album.
This song contains many improvised guitar solos and has some nice dynamic contrast between the various sections.
GUITARS USED: Stratocaster

Encoded In Light
This song's concept was inspired by the idea of photons and what type of information can presently, and may in the future, be sent through this fastest known particle to man. We are currently using light to transmit sights and sounds, but perhaps in the future an entire DNA strand.
GUITARS USED: Stratocaster

Subatomic Particles
This song's concept was inspired by the smallest bits of matter known to mankind. Everything we know of in the universe contains these essential, tiny building blocks of matter. What is keeping it all together, and why isn't it all flying apart like the large objects in the universe?
GUITARS USED: Stratocaster, Baritone Guitar

New Worlds Discovered
This song's concept was inspired by the thought of discovering new worlds inhabited by intellegent beings. The fact that there are billions of other galaxies which harbor their own countless planets makes it seem that if we are the only ones in the universe that there is a lot of wasted space out there. Thanks to Carl Sagan.

Parallel Universe
This song's concept was inspired by the idea that our known universe is one of many that are differentiated by unique actions we all choose to make. These implications are supported by factual astronomical observations.
Is there another you?
GUITARS USED: 7-String & Stratocaster

Overlapping Dimensions
This song's concept was inspired by the fact that Scientists are finding evidence of extraterrestrial presence in higher dimensions all around us even overlapping our immediate environment overlapping the Physical Universe. The idea is that our real being exists in a higher dimension and interacts with the visible one we know of.

Escape Velocity
This song's concept was inspired by the amount of energy that is required to escape an object's gravitational force. The amount of velocity required to leave Earth is much less than one would need to escape the force of much larger objects, and ultimately no velocity that can escape a black hole.

This song's inspiration is drawn from the particles that carry the gravitational force. Gravitons are supposedly massless particles, which would travel only at the speed of light. When these particles were intercepted, and re-exchanged, gravity would be the intended result. A Graviton is a Boson particle and is theorized to interact with Quarks and Leptons.

Planetary Alignment
If several planets are orbiting the sun at known speeds and current positions, how many years will it be before those planets are perfectly aligned and what effects will it have? Will the magnetic and gravitational forces be so strong as to create floods, earthquakes and other catastrophes? The next planetary alignment is expected to occur in the year 2438.

This song's concept was inspired by the mathematical symmetry relating to bosons and femions. AKA an attempt of a Unified Field Theory using acceleration in place of gravity.
Force = Mass multiplied by Acceleration (F=MA).
GUITARS USED: Stratocaster

Track Listing
01. Color By Numbers
02. Encoded In Light
03. Subatomic Particles
04. New Worlds Discovered
05. Parallel Universe
06. Overlapping Dimensions
07. Escape Velocity
08. Gravitons
09. Planetary Alignment
10. Supersymmetry

Running Time 61:05

George Bellas - Guitars, Bass & Keys
Marco Minneman - Drums

Composed by George Bellas
Produced by George Bellas
Mixed and Mastered by George Bellas
Artwork and Design by George Bellas
Recorded at Bellas Music Studio
Published by Bellas Tune Factory, BMI

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