Wednesday, March 28, 2007

IMPELLITTERI "LIVE! FAST LOUD!" CD being re-issued with new artwork

The long out of print "Live! Fast! Loud!" CD will now be available for ordering en mass once again.

The re-issue will contain TONS of newunreleased photos and more importantly, 2 NEW bonus tracks. One is"Rat Race" and the other is a ULTA RARE live acoustic performance of"Power of Love". The "Power of Love acoustic" track may actually notstay on there long so the ones who order fast will get it.

1. Overture
2. Visual Prison
3. I'll Be With You
4. Victim of the System
5. Walk Away
6. Stand in Line
7. Countdown to the Revolution
8. Screaming Symphony
9. Burning
10. Lost in the Rain
11. For Your Love
12. Over the Rainbow
13. Warrior
14. Rat Race*
15. Meet the Band
16. The King Is Rising
17. Power of Love-Acoustic**bonus tracks

The Special Edition re-issue of "Live! Fast! Loud!" is a FAN CLUB ONLY pressing and although it IS approved by the band, it is NOT part of theirofficial discography.

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